Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Yay grab $100 from Amanda!

Vote for her rat harry and learn $100 giveaway!

Click here for spesific term and condition!
amanda is da winner in Sept 2010 in Agile Rat Photo Contest..this Fancy Pet rat photos contest in US i think..humm how bout in Indonesia our countri?hehe..
and vote for her plus her rats at there!fabulous Doug I like him , coz the hairless lol
i never seen like this before hahay!
he cute and LIVE^^ amaze rats:O look at da foto of Santa Doug hahay Doug is comin to town!
Now Harry go to the competition!vote him:)(good pose in boat , floating!;p)
Congrats to Amanda, pet rat lover ^^
i have fish here, my family like goldfish , now they so big!:D
end, wish I will get this amanda giveaway, i want to help my parents with this money:)Coz this so big money from Indonesia people like me..
Tx, Amanda..

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