Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010


win this month:
1.Lunno t-shirt maen LunnoBINGO (Kaos Tresor Trove merch baru LUNNO)
2.Pulsa Foxs,Opsel
3.Buku from Elexmedia
4.Nobar Madame X rom fKapanlagi
5.Tiket Salihara (ga bs dateng, ujan :0 )
6.voucher 2 jam simulasi main golf di GolfMax from MarketPlus Magz
7."I am Peace" Affirmation Necklace from Kidsummer
8.T-shirt from CU Swag and Iwearyourshirt
9.Buku Devil's Kiss from Penerbit Atria
Telestrations game from Kidsummer
Just Simply Dainty Boutique Flower pin or clip giveaway from Lebedas Blog

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Heliotrope shoulder bag Giveaway

Wearable Art by Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave has generously offered one of our lucky readers the chance to win a gorgeous Heliotrope shoulder bag!

go here:
open worldwide end
October 30, 2010

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Giveaway from Gypsy Moon Art Studio

ladies..join this giveaway;D
"Wear this trophy with pride as a symbol to others (human and non-human) that you are not a person to be trifled with!
Gorgeous glass eye is surrounded by heavy gauge copper wire. Oxidized and buffed to a beautiful glow, this ring is sure to get attention!!
The winner gets to choose from~
*blue cat eye
*green cat eye
*green speckled alligator eye
*red/orange reptile eye"

please visit confessionsofapagansoccermom blog for detail:)

- i love red/orange reptile eye one-^^

bumblesea indie jewelry blog contest & giveaway

Enter the jewelry giveaway sponsored by Bumblesea indie jewelry / indie fashion blog.

i want this one, julius glass vial necklace i love green colour:)hope win this one..


Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Laughing Vixen Lounge's Big Halloween Giveaway

here is the giveaway for Special Halloween...weaaahhh!cant wait to win this >o< First prize is a $50 gift certificate to the shop. Good on anything and everything. It's all up to you. Choose from Charm Bracelets, Silver Pendants, Charmed Pendants and more

Second prize can take their pick from any Silver Pendant ($12 value) in the shop with your choice of chain

To see how to enter plis visit Laughing Vixen Lounge blog wohoooo!
-love mistery!-

Jade and Rose Quartz Peace Necklace GIVEAWAY!

Etsy Team Discovery Blog:
"Here at Team Discovery, we are dedicated to promoting undiscovered shops and new sellers and one of the ways we're going to start doing that is by offering giveaways for them!

The item we're offering today is a jade and rose quartz peace necklace made by new Etsy seller, LolasJewels, a fellow new team member.
This necklace is 24 inches long and is silver plated."

This necklace is one of a kind and cannot be bought on Etsy. Make sure you enter to win this unique piece of jewelry!

Mandatory entry Plis go to their web:)

-wish i will be winner to this giveaway:D-

Featured Etsy Seller and a Giveaway

first I open Tracey etsy shop can only stunned .. many touches of simple but beautiful.can shoot in good place, so the gradation colour its great >,< She is good a photographers for me:)
now stay tune on Red Bird Jewellery Blog
there is a
Tracey has very generously offered a personalised calendar for a giveaway!
go there, join others:) yay!
thanks to make this open worldwide^^
wish i win this giveaway, i will present this to my lovely family:)

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Saga of a fatshionista Amrita Singh giveaway

review from her:
"Hey Girls, I have a great giveaway again for you guys. The great people at Amrita Singh are so generous that they are offering a jewelry from the Amrita Singh collection for one of my lucky followers.The great thing about it, you get to choose from the selection below. I'm sure you've seen my marion necklace that I got from them a while back, if you haven't you can check out the post here. All the rules will be below and make sure spread the word, you'll get extra entries. My last giveaway was very successful and lets make this one even better. Till next time."
for term and cond : click her blog

thanks for her>,< wish me can reach this giveaway:D

The Good Cheeer Company Review and Giveaway

want to have cute necklace design from Good Cheer Company?
feel free to visit Kidsummer blog
This the review:
"The charms are shaped like puzzle pieces and have powerful messages on them. One side of the charm says "I AM" and the other side has messags like "Powerful" and "Valuable". What a great reminder of how worthwhile each of us is! I think this would make a perfect gift for the teenager in your life."

I agree! : "I love this charm! It is pretty, unique and gives me a powerful feeling when I put it around my neck. I am possibilities, just like everyone else in this world and it is nice to remind myself of that."

Hope i can hv big chance to have one of this>,< Sterling silver chain necklace "Iam Peace"! yay

go there for see more term and cond..enjoy it^^

Giveaway 'Good Frau' at Ardent Sparrow

Bright vintage bouquet invitation, anniversary, wedding, bridal or baby shower, birthday party, printed or digital!yeah i like this!

in by Emily "Good Frau"!

design make a memorable event by yours own:)
come see the products with beautiful colour^^ i like that:)
'and now Emily has graciously offered this week's winner ANY digital design plus twenty 5x7 prints or thirty 4x6 prints... A value of $50 + shipping'
so happy hera that ^^
wish can win this and put my gergerous moment on it, yay!>.<

win this only at : the Ardent Sparrow!click for the term and cond:)
Good Luck:D

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Natures Notebook Giveaway from My Little Rivew Corner

this one of inspirational in life..
feel free for more design in true Nature!
Like the photo frame one give us something relax effect when see inside for the photo:)
My Little Corner review for this product:)
"I had the opportunity to review one of Courtney’s prints. When I received the print, it just made me feel incredibly happy!"
"Emily has graciously offered this week's winner ANY digital design plus twenty 5x7 prints or thirty 4x6 prints... A value of $50 + shipping!"

enter and join to this review and giveaway part and get chance to win
Giveaway: Nature’s Notebook have generously offered one reader worldwide an 8×10 Express Print (a $40.00 value).
i wishup to win 8x10 Expreess Print ..i hvnt like this product in ma' home..
adorable words will always inpirite me and my family life with it:)

Term and condition plis check on her site:)

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Join this!

win a free i-Pod!
more bout term and condition click here
I just enter this coz have not an i-Pod til now lol ;D
get a chance to win this one, join with other wohooo!

Yay grab $100 from Amanda!

Vote for her rat harry and learn $100 giveaway!

Click here for spesific term and condition!
amanda is da winner in Sept 2010 in Agile Rat Photo Contest..this Fancy Pet rat photos contest in US i think..humm how bout in Indonesia our countri?hehe..
and vote for her plus her rats at there!fabulous Doug I like him , coz the hairless lol
i never seen like this before hahay!
he cute and LIVE^^ amaze rats:O look at da foto of Santa Doug hahay Doug is comin to town!
Now Harry go to the competition!vote him:)(good pose in boat , floating!;p)
Congrats to Amanda, pet rat lover ^^
i have fish here, my family like goldfish , now they so big!:D
end, wish I will get this amanda giveaway, i want to help my parents with this money:)Coz this so big money from Indonesia people like me..
Tx, Amanda..

Amanda's Etsy Shop

Amanda's Etsy Shop

shop by amanda a 19 blogger
I think she is so creative young girl
make a various desaign,use a unthinkable things for her products:)
i like her keychain!:the witch!
and some abstract it^^
checkit out the colourful accesories!so many there!
if u in US try to purchase it :)
happy shoppin!

Surly Girly is More Than Cosmetics,It's an Attitude

hI GALS!whereever u are through worldwide:)
come to see this girlything!just open up Surly Girly dream ..must have Romance Novel lipstick doL! pinky shiny, like simple this one..
or Inner Rage, classic matte red..go to rush work glek :p
Indiscretion eye shadow 'click'..owwhhh my shimmering peach :)
All girls at US must try this one..they no in Indonesia so i entered Amanda's contest to win SG cosmetics product^^

Thanks to:
that used this and share with us over here;)

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Magic Warble book by Victoria Simcox giveaway

if u a dreamer or fantacier i expect u will love this one..
Review by Amanda:
"Dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals, and an evil queen – all these and more can be found in The Magic Warble, an enchanting tale of adventure and friendship. "

check it out in Amanda blogs or enter the competition to get 1..special for u(US only)..

Amanda $100 giveaway

this Amanda story now about her cute rats!whoalaaa!they are too cute u know ?;D
i like Doug! he is hairless :) unique rat >.< dont belive it ,never see like that one!
they in Agile Rat Photo Contest now..feel free to show them, and dont forget to vote Amanda's so to chance win her giveaway!

for my Aok hair hehe : Princereign

here is!Princereign website

bout man ?try this products..for u to get da great hair :D ..if i can get the products in Indonesia..i will buy it for him!:D
it keep us from ingrown hair,see their comment that used this product!i feel sure for this, so far this best product and service there^^
Princereign: "Skincare that work"

thanks for da info Amanda!to review this
(hopeful can live in US so i hv chance to win this one..will present it for ma boyfrend:p)

rock n learn

Rock the child, join learn and play with them :D
get this web from Amanda blog..thanksfuly for Amanda review yhis kids product like this one:)
get Rock n Learn vol.1 from her
red term and condition here
If u have and love lil kids,lil bro or sisters must buy this product, socialite with them Cheerful dont forget to learn or studying;D
hope my lil Keni get some DVD like this one from her ma and pa:) this amaze DVD to learn and play!

free giveaway!
like this girls cosmetics:)i like simple colour and lipgloss of course..
dream to grab this giveaway :D
u check it out other stuff here:
sassy, dreamy,glam...owwhhh..sooo girlworld!